Strictly Rude

Big D And The Kids Table

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LP reissue of Big D’s Strictly Rude which has been out of print since 2007! Double LP with one white 12″ one black 12″!

“Back, and as good as ever, the Boston crew have made what has been described as the ska-punk album of the millenium. I think that must be ignoring a few (‘Pound For The Sound’ I mean, come on) but it is certainly the best new punk-ska album in the last couple of years. From the bouncy sing-a-long of ‘Noise Complaint’ to some more chilled trad influenced numbers and keeping their political social commentary up their with tongues in cheeks and brass in mouths”

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Track Listings

1. Steady Riot
2. Noise Complaint
3. Shining On
4. Souped-Up Vinyl
5. Deadpan Face
6. Snakebite
7. Strictly Rude
8. Try Out Your Voice
9. Hell On Earth
10. Fly Away
11. Breaking The Bottle
12. Raw Revolution
13. Relocate The Beat
14. The One
15. She Knows Her Way
16. Halfway Home

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