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Drenge announce their third album, Strange Creatures, due for release on February 22nd via Infectious Records. The follow up to their critically acclaimed albums Drenge (2013) and Undertow (2015), as well as this year’s Autonomy EP, Strange Creatures includes singles ‘This Dance’ and ‘Autonomy’, and according to the band is “the most considered record we have ever made”. To celebrate the release of the new album, Drenge have announced they will tour the UK in spring 2019, taking in eight shows including a night at the Electric in Brixton. Pre-sale tickets are available from Wednesday 31st October, with general sale on Friday 2nd November.

Speaking about Strange Creatures, Drenge said “It’s a nocturnal record. A psychological horror movie on wax. Warped hallucinations from mundane observations as you move through it. Is that a school or a skyscraper on fire in the distance? Or maybe it’s just the ski village? You drive nearer, past roadside diners jammed with dancing teenagers, through Uncanny Valley, past the most unhygienic nightclub in the world. The stereo sounds like it’s going to fall apart at any moment. The car judders to a halt and all you can hear is the sound of the sea.”

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Track Listings

1. Bonfire Of The City Boys
2. This Dance
3. Autonomy
4. Teenage Love
5. Strange Creatures

6. Prom Night
7. No Flesh Road
8. Never See The Signs
9. Avalanches
10. When I Look Into Your Eyes

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