Start Static (20th Anniversary Edition)


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20th Anniversary Gatefold Vinyl LP Reissue with Three Bonus Tracks!

2001’s Start Static is Sugarcult’s quintessential debut album. Songs like “Stuck In America,” a fiery anthem about escaping the rut of youthful boredom and discontent, the angst-ridden, Elvis Costello-channeled “You’re The One,” or the close to the ledge sentiment of “Hate Every Beautiful Day,” belie their three chord punk rock structure. With the help of Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Replacements), Start Static avoids settling into the comfortable, predictable territory of a single genre. Instead, the band brings together the universal qualities from all the music they love. While the record subscribes to the don’t-bore-us-get-to-the-chorus approach of power pop, it’s the don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of seminal punk rock that forms the backbone of Start Static. 20th anniversary gatefold vinyl LP reissue with three bonus tracks.

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Track Listings

  1. You're The One
  2. Stuck In America
  3. Hate Every Beautiful Day
  4. Bouncing Off The Walls
  5. Saying Goodbye
  6. Daddy's Little Defect
  7. Lost In You
  8. Pretty Girl (The Way)
  9. Crashing Down
  10. How Does It Feel
  11. I Changed My Name
  12. Say I'm Sorry
  13. No Action
  14. Bouncing Off The Walls (Live)

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