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Modern Baseball is an American emo band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The album, Sports, was released in 2012, and soon after the group left Drexel and Chestnut Hill temporarily to pursue music on a more regular basis. The group’s second full-length, You’re Gonna Miss It All, was released on Run For Cover Records in 2014, reaching #97 on the Billboard 200. The group toured the United States in early 2014 with The Wonder Years. Modern Baseball toured the United Kingdom and Ireland in September 2014, including stops in Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland. Modern Baseball’s breakout debut record Sports is receiving it’s 5th vinyl pressing. The album is on sale now via Lame-O Records. This is the first time this record has been available on vinyl since early 2014. On CLEAR vinyl.

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Track Listings

1. Re-Do
2. Tears Over Beers
3. The Weekend
4. @chl03k
5. Hours Outside In The Snow
6. I Think You Were In My Profile Picture Once
7. Re-Done 8. Cooke
9. See Ya, Sucker
10. Look Out
11. Play Ball!
12. Coals

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