Spirit Stereo Frequency

All Night Radio


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“This is the album Beck would have killed to have made” – C.Schaeffer RFT

“The Perfect soundtrack to careening down the interstate at 4:00am.” – Pitchfork 4/5

Reissue of classic & completely unique psychedelic pop record from 2004. Farmer Dave Scher and Jimi Hey on holiday from Beachwood Sparks envisioned a mysterious, elusive radio station at the far end of the dial. Broadcasting a timeless, infinite fusion of all the sounds their hearts, ears and heads had ever channelled.


Recorded at their sprawling, permanently whale-song pumping beast of home studio in California, using a deranged assortment of modern & primitive equipment. A summoning, an invocation, an outpouring of California pop, psych, Arthur Lee, doo wop, Mama Cass, B-boy fly, dub, Zombies, Prince, Acid Lennon, surf, Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Syd Barrett and Barrett Strong. Deep, dizzying, luminous, effortless transmissions somehow filtering into perfect, perfect songs. Mind-blowing, emotional & deeply wondrous. The cosmos now allows us to re-release this sacred ball of light in vinyl form. On our very own label. It is the honour of our lives. Squeegee your Third Eye and ride…

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Track Listings

1. Daylight Till Dawn
2. We're On Our Wave
3. Fall Down 7
4. You'll Be On Your Own
5. Sky Bicycle (You've Been Ringing)
6. Oh, When?
7. Sad K.
8. Anchovya Suite
9. Winter Light
10. All Night Radio

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