Soul Men

Sam & Dave


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  • Genre: Soul / Funk
  • Label: Stax
  • Released Date: 9th June 2017
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In re-teaming with the songwriting duo of Isaac Hayes and Dave Porter, Sam Moore and Dave Prater managed to once again catch lightning in a bottle with their 1967 effort Soul Men. Also known as Double Dynamite, Sam and Dave just fell short of crashing the top slot on the pop charts with the classic “Soul Man,” a song that continued to crackle over a decade later when it reintroduced to the public and pop charts via a Blues Brothers cover.

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Track Listings

Soul Man
May I Baby
Broke Down Piece Of Man
Let It Be Me
Hold It Baby
I'm With You
Don't Knock It
Just Keep Holding On
The Good Runs The Bad Way
Rich Kind Of Poverty
I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do

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