Songs of Faith & Devotion

Depeche Mode

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For their 8th album Songs Of Faith And Devotion (1993), Depeche Mode drew influences from the alternative Rock and Grunge scene that was sweeping through the music world in the early ’90s.

Album opener “I Feel You” boasts distorted guitars and heavy live drums, a departure on the ever present synth sound that characterized this British finest electronic music act. The album hit #1 on 17 international Album Charts, and became the first Depeche Mode album to strike the top position on the UK Charts. The band left on a 14-month tour promoting the album, selling over 7 million copies in the long run.

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Track Listings

1. I Feel You
2. Walking in My Shoes
3. Condemnation
4. Mercy in You
5. Judas
6. In Your Room
7. Get Right with Me
8. Rush
9. One Caress
10. Higher Love

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