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The music of Bored Nothing has a lineage to the 90s, but is also deeply modern in its thinking. For “Some Songs”, Fergus Miller (Bored Nothing) has ventured away from the 4-track and into 8-track tape land…and believe it or not into 24-track land at Plutonium in Brisbane for a few brief moments. Built by the John Steel Singers to record their latest album, Plutonium had slightly nicer microphones and a wealth of amplifiers and 70s National Geographics kicking around the studio. Lots of other random things too.

While the debut self-titled album was a collection of works, this time around Fergus wrote songs specifically with an album in mind. Much like the self-titled album, everything was produced, recorded and played by Fergus. There was a little bit of help from J. Francis on guitar, Jacob Knauth (Major Leagues) on drums, and Neal Apel (Rolls Bayce) on bass, for the songs ‘Don’t Get Sentimental’ and ‘Ultra-lites’.

“Some Songs” is also a little more crisp and concise than the debut, with a reduction in tracks and a reduction in time. It was something conscious in the back of Fergus’ mind, particularly in a modern world that always seems distracted.

Songs on this record were written about a number of subjects, both fiction and non. Songs about alcoholism, alienation, suicide, friendship, love and ice-cream. Speaking of which, ‘Ice-Cream Dreams’ is the first single from the album.

While the tour for last album ended in Europe, the release of “Some Songs” is preluded by a European tour throughout September and October. Two months (mainly) travelling through Italy, France, and Germany. It will be your regular Australiana Contiki style trip with much fortune and misfortune along the way.

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Track Listings

1. Not
2. Ice-cream Dreams
3. The Rough
4. We Lied
5. Ultra-lites
6. Do What You Want, Always
7. Why Were You Dancing With All Those Guys
8. Where Would I Begin
9. Come Back To
10. Song For Jedder
11. Don’t Get Sentimental
12. Artificial Flower
13. Ultra-lites II

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