Some Part Of Something Devil Duck

Whiskey Shivers


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A diverse group of masterfully talented musicians who stand out like a sore thumb from the traditional bluegrass world, Whiskey Shivers have made a name for themselves with a genre-pushing sound that the Washington Post called “apocalyptic Americana” and NPR described as “frenetic bluegrass” with a “punk spirit.” In “Some Part of Something”, their fifth and latest album, the band seems even more comfortable and confident in their writing -and justly so! That’s indisputably why it’s considered to be their “strongest” (Austin Chronicle) release yet. Truthful to their origin, “Some Part of Something” still sports two brilliant covers of The Cure and Daniel Johnston. In short, with this fifth opus, Whiskey Shivers hit their stride, refining their unique sound in the studio while still capturing the infectiously chaotic feeling of their live shows.

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