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For Fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Chairlift, Slowdive. \”A dreamy bewitchment, mixing new-wave guitar repetitions, dark Gothic undertones, dub, and electronica… There aren’t many bands that sound like this, or can sound like this. Soars’ debut is one of the best records I’ve heard this year.\” Their Bated Breath

LP limited to a run of 500 heavy gram white vinyl. Otherworldly darkwave/shoegaze by four-piece Soars feels just as haunting live as it does on their debut. Re-imagining the underpinnings of lo-fi pop, Soars’ perfectly gloomy anthems pair scratchy synth with melancholy, resulting in a sound that is simultaneously felt and heard. Half heart, half sensation, the vapid space between each note fosters longing for the next ethereal chord or riff. Nearly hush-hush vocals echo alongside reverb that shifts, sinks, and soars. It would be impossible not to think of terms like dark wave or psych pop when listening to their LP. Comparable but completely different, Soars sound settles beyond the genre’s limits, resulting in eight tracks of deliberative exploration that pushes past familiar and embarks on something further, something unpredictable, fresh, and new.

Released on La Société Expéditionnaire, Soars is a transcendent full-length from oscillating intro to end. SOARS is a reflection and by-product of Eastern Pennsylvania\’s Lehigh Valley; a fertile creative pool over the past decade, spawning a healthy number of noise/experimental/punk artists, bands, and venues (Brother JT, Pearls & Brass, etc). With NYC and Philadelphia in close proximity, it\’s all too common for the artist-as-drone to flee one\’s breeding grounds, leaving the assiduous worker-bees to tend the hive.

Comprised of four long-time mainstays of the LV\’s spirited independent community (members of Memes, Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air, Dark Circles and We Have Heaven), the band\’s atmospheric scapes of dream-pop are awash with gauzy hints of Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine, propelled by lockstep industrial rhythms. While destroying and rebuilding sonic textures and lyrical myth, SOARS mirrors the depth, beauty, and character of their regenerative post-decay rust-belt colony.

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Track Listings

1. Introduction
2. The Sun Breaks Every Way But One
3. Throw Yourself Apart
4. Escape On High
5. Ditches
6. Figurehead
7. Young Adult
8. Monolith

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