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SNAFU (Indies Only)

Potty Mouth


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It’s hard to imagine that anything in today’s tilt-a-whirl society could ever be considered a “situation normal,” but needless to say most everything is all fucked up, no matter how you slice it. The state of the music industry, expectations for what a band should be, the way we consume art it’s all decidedly fouled, so the secret is in how you embrace the chaos.

For Potty Mouth, the LA-based pop rock trio of Abby Weems (vocals/guitar), Ally Einbinder (bass), and Victoria Mandanas (drums), the term SNAFU Situation Normal All Fucked Up has become a rallying cry, one that inspires them to forge on no matter the odds and to trust themselves in the process. And, naturally, it’s the name they gave their long-awaited new album. Potty Mouth arrived in the early 2000-teens as a feel-good punk rock force from the fabled Western Massachusetts scene. Formed while Einbinder and Mandanas were students at Smith College, and Weems a local rocker, they quickly made a national name for themselves with their brand of art-sensible power-punk wrapped in a catchy, fist-pumping package. Their Sun Damage EP in 2012 and their debut LP, 2013’s Hell Bent, put them on the map, and the subsequent years of touring and an acclaimed self-titled EP in 2015 reinforced their status as one of punk’s most rock-solid and talented upstarts.

Fully realizing their self-empowered status, the band is set to release SNAFU on 1st March 2019 on their own terms under the independent label Get Better Records, an outfit co-run by Einbinder and her partner, Alex Lichtenauer. The band will be touring extensively throughout the US and Europe in 2019 in support of SNAFU.

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Do It Again
Starry Eyes
Plastic Paradise
Smash Hit
Dog Song
Bottom Feeder

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