Shostakovich: Cello Sonata/ Schubert: “Arpeggione Sonata”

Daniel Shafran and Lydia Pecherskaya


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Analogue Productions’ RCA Living Stereo Reissue Series No. 2, with 25 newly remastered mainstay classical albums, will delight and astound your ears with their clarity and warm, rich tone. As with our first highly-regarded LSC series, shortcomings of previous editions have been improved upon — from the mastering, to the LP pressing, to the sharp-looking glossy heavyweight Stoughton Printing tip-on jackets that faithfully duplicate the original artwork, “Living Stereo” logo, “Shaded Dog” label and all!

Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound from the original 3-track master tapes, cut at 33 1/3, and plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings — makers of the world’s finest-sounding vinyl LPs, — no other editions match these for the quietest 200-gram platters available.

Cellist Daniel Shafran performs Shostakovich’s Cello Sonata and “Arpeggione” Sonata by Schubert. Opulent musicianship, incandescent phrasing, febrile poetry and more mark this as a referential cult album by the album’s dedicated fans.

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Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)
Cello Sonata, Op 40
1. First Movement: Moderato
2. Second Movement: Moderato Con Moto
3. Third Movement: Largo
4. Fourth Movement: Allegretto

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Sonata In A Minor, ["Arpeggione"]
5. First Movement: Allegro Moderato
6. Second Movement: Adagio
7. Third Movement: Allegretto

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