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Gaz Coombes


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Gaz Coombes announces the release of his Sheldonian / Live EP consisting of four songs recorded live at the Oxford Sheldonian earlier this year.

The EP comes following his charity concert at the Sheldonian Theatre to mark the 350th anniversary of Christopher Wren’s iconic building. Gaz performed a bespoke set with an orchestral arrangement, conducted by Luke Lewis. All proceeds from the concert were donated to two local charities, Yellow Submarine, which supports people with learning difficulties, and the Young Women’s Music Project (YWMP) with Suzy Bowtell, the charity opening the show.

Previously, Gaz released his album ‘World’s Strongest Man’ back in 2018 which was the follow up to 2015’s ‘Matador’ – a record conceived, recorded and mixed in the studio equivalent of solitary confinement. It transported Gaz from ‘former Supergrass frontman’ to hugely respected Mercury and Ivor Novello nominated solo artist in the space of ten months. After this came ‘Salamander’, the first release after the highly acclaimed album. The track was written and recorded by Gaz at his Oxford studio, co-produced alongside long-time collaborator Ian Davenport, and featured guest performances from members of his incredible touring band.

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Track Listings

  1. The Girl Who Fell To Earth
  2. The Oaks
  3. Walk The Walk
  4. Slow Motion Life

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