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Bambara are a Brooklyn based dark, noise / punk band with a Western slant. The trio consisting of twin brothers Reid (vocals / guitar) and Blaze Bateh (drums) and childhood friend William Brookshire (bass) formed in Athens, GA, deriving their name from a character in the cartoon ‘Aeon Flux’. They moved to a basement apartment in Brooklyn where they recorded their ambitious debut album ‘Dreamviolence’ (2013), their sprawling noise-collage EP ‘Night Chimes’ (2014) and their snarly, apocalyptic sophomore album ‘Swarm’ (2016) to much acclaim.

Although Reid plays all the guitar on their records, Bambara recently added two guitarists to their live shows, allowing Reid to sneer and stagger around the stage as he sings unhindered by instruments. They’ve shared the stage with Iceage, The Men, Daughters and Uniform and have toured with Liars, Girl Band, Metz, A Place To Bury Strangers and Algiers. They’ve also led their own European tour which included a headlining gig at the Le Guess Who? Festival in 2016.

In 2017, after recording ‘Shadow On Everything’, Blaze and Reid were personally contacted by Angus Andrew to join as members of Liars’ touring band. Bambara will appear at SXSW in 2018 and are currently organizing a series of US tour dates centred around the festival.

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Track Listings

Dark Circles
Doe-Eyed Girl
José Tries To Leave
Night's Changing
The Door Between Her
Human Hair
Steel Dust Ocean
Sunbleached Skulls
Wild Fires
Back Home

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