Safe In Sound

Lower Than Atlantis


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Safe In Sound is Lower Than Atlantis’ 5th studio album and follows on from the band’s most successful record to date. Including the single Work For It, ‘Safe In Sound’ is an album that cements Lower Than Atlantis in the top tiers of UK rock music.

“Everything we achieved with the self titled completely surpassed our expectations and now it’s time to make an album that can really take us to the next level.” says frontman Mike Duce.

“ We’re headlining the biggest shows we’ve ever played so we’ve written what we think is a record big enough to be played in those venues. We’ve spent a lot more time refining our sound as well as trying some new techniques, Ben has engineered a lot of the record and Eddy has designed the aesthetic so this project is definitely very close to our hearts. We just wanted ‘Safe In Sound’ to be a true representation of where this band is nearly ten years on! This album tackles concepts such as depression, rejection, being in love and monetary worries to name a few so there’s definitely something in there that most people can relate to. We’re certain that this album is the best work from this band and can’t wait for everyone to hear it! The album title is born from the idea of being “safe and sound” but being safe within music.”

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Track Listings

1. Had Enough
2. Dumb
3. Long Time Coming
4. Boomerang
5. Work For It
6. Could Be Worse
7. I Would
8. Money
9. I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore
10. A Night to Forget

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