Paper Kites, The

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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Nettwerk
  • Released Date: 12th March 2021
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    1LP Coloured Vinyl


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Roses is the fifth studio album from Melbourne indie folk five-piece The Paper Kites. “It’s an album of duets – for lack of a better word,” frontman Sam Bentley explains. “A collection of songs we had written and wanted to record with these artists.” An alluring, dynamic, and diverse company, the Roses vocalists were handpicked by the band to feature on the new album. “It was first and foremost about finding the voices and artists we felt were right for each song,” adds Bentley. Along with Lucy Rose, the 10-track album features Julia Stone (AU), Nadia Reid (NZ), Maro (PT), Aoife O’Donovan (US), Rosie Carney (UK), Ainslie Wills (AU), Amanda Bergman (SE), Lydia Cole (NZ) and Gena Rose Bruce (AU). Produced by Sam Bentley and Tom Iansek (#1 Dads, Big Scary), Roses is a testament to sincere, patient, and understated songwriting. A deeply moving collection of songs, helmed by a cherished selection of artists. Full of power and sentimentality, The Paper Kites gently pull us into uncharted waters.

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Track Listings

  1. Walk Above the City (feat. MARO)
  2. Climb on Your Tears (feat. Aoife O'Donovan)
  3. Dearest (feat. Lydia Cole)
  4. Steal My Heart Away (feat. Ainslie Wills)
  5. Without Your Love (feat. Julia Stone)
  6. Crossfire (feat. Amanda Bergman)
  7. Lonely (feat. Gena Rose Bruce)
  8. Take Me Home (feat. Nadia Reid)
  9. For All You Give (feat. Lucy Rose)
  10. By My Side (feat. Rosie Carney)

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