Root For Ruin

Les Savy Fav

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Translucent orange vinyl reissue of the 2010 album.

Root for Ruin sifts through 15 years of musical experience to arrive at a diamond-edged sound that’s as upfront and direct as the quintet’s legendary live shows. That goes for everything from the gut-punching percussion and drunken punk subtleties of ‘clear spirits’ to the moonlit melodies and restless, groove of ‘sleepless in silverlake’. ‘poltergeist’, cut in one take at the band’s rehearsal space, features a downward spiral vibe that’s both delirious and delightful. Root for Ruin keeps you on your toes through 11 tracks. The tightness of the band is undeniable on Root for Ruin. for some it will signal a return to the rawer energy evidenced on their early recordings. It’s clear by the tracks on the album that the guys are enjoying their own legacy. Many songs carry the torch for some of the band’s first influences. still, it’s not nostalgic. Root for Ruin is not stylistic pose or aesthetic conceit – it’s the real deal.

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Track Listings

  1. Appetites
  2. Poltergeist
  3. Dirty Knails
  4. High And Unhinged
  5. Sleepless in Silverlake
  6. Excess Energies
  7. Let's Get Out of Here
  8. Dear Crutches
  9. Lips N' Stuff
  10. Calm Down
  11. Clear Spirits

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