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Green Day

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and Grammy Award-winning rock band GREEN DAY will release their 12th studio album, entitled ‘REVOLUTION RADIO’, on OCTOBER 7TH via Reprise Records. The album is available for pre-order today and those who pre-order will receive an instant download of the first single, ‘Bang Bang’ which is available now.

Produced by GREEN DAY and recorded in Oakland, ‘REVOLUTION RADIO’ is a potent 12-track blitz of angst-ridden anthems that unites Green Day’s fully formed stylistic approach with lyrical themes that address the complexities and uncertainties of modern day existence. Musically, the album is raw, visceral, and fearless — solidifying the band’s reign as one of the leading voices in rock music. The first single, ‘Bang Bang’, released today and inspired by recent events, marks a welcome return from a band with more to say than ever.

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Track Listings

Side A
1. Somewhere Now
2. Bang Bang
3. Revolution Radio
4. Say Goodbye
5. Outlaws
6. Bouncing Off the Wall

Side B
7. Still Breathing
8. Youngblood
9. Too Dumb to Die
10. Troubled Times
11. Forever Now
12. Ordinary World

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