Return To Ommadown – Half Speed Mastered

Mike Oldfield

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After the success of the song-based 2014 album Man On The Rocks, Mike Oldfield has returned to the style of music that first made his name in the 1970s. Ommadawn, Mike’s third album, was released in 1975, and remains one of his favourite of all his releases. Connecting with his Irish roots, the original 40-minute suite has long been much-loved by his fans.

From his studio in the Bahamas, Mike has crafted two suites of music that incorporate the past and the present, recording with acoustic, analogue and faithful reproductions of 1970s instruments all together in sweet harmony. For the first time in many years, Mike has hand-played every instrument (22 in total) on the recording himself, and in a nod to its 42-year old predecessor, crafted new vocal sounds and effects from the original Ommadawn. With its fabulous fantasy gatefold illustration by Rupert Lloyd-Smee, who designed the sleeve for Mike’s critically-acclaimed The 1984 Suite, for an artist truly synonymous with progressive rock, it all marks a return home. A Return To Ommadawn.

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Track Listings

1. Return To Ommadown Part 1
2. Return To Ommadown Part 2

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