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“The line I always use is, ‘I don’t do karaoke.’ I don’t perform or sing music unless it means something to me,” Owen insists. “I knew I had to make these songs matter to me, to have my truth in them.” This firebrand singer-songwriter and pianist is currently riding the wave of a tremendous couple of years. Her previous album ‘Somebody’s Child’ was adored by critics around the world – The Sunday Times UK chose it as one of the Best Records of 2016 and Analog Planet said that it “sparkles with Owen’s witty energy” and noting that “the songs will stay with you long after the record ends.” Her live performances, whether as a headliner or as the handpicked opening act for such as Bryan Ferry’s recent tours of Europe and North America, have been wowing listeners and gaining fans like fellow artist Jackson Browne, who said of Owen’s onstage prowess: “It’s a masterclass on how a show should be done.” “Over the years, so many people, whether it be [film producer] Nick Wechsler or audience members who hear the covers I’ve done over the years, have always had the question, ‘Why don’t you make a collection of these things because they’re so unique and unusual?'” Owen says. “And I had to really ask myself why I do these covers and why they bring me so much pleasure.” Those questions are easy to answer once you listen to ‘redisCOVERed’. As she has done since her earliest days attempting to plunk out the music of Mozart and Debussy on her family’s piano to her days playing four hour sets in piano bars fulfilling customer requests, Owen makes these songs her own. She molds the familiar melodies and lyrics to contemporary pop hits and longtime favorites to her unmistakable voice and style. She’s joined throughout this album by legendary bassist Leland Sklar (James Taylor, Carole King, Leonard Cohen) and master percussionist Pedro Segundo, both key members of Judith’s recent live band.

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Track Listings

Side 1
1. Hotline Bling
2. Shape Of You
3. Black Hole Sun
4. Hot Stuff
5. Cherokee Louise
6. Can't Stop The Feeling

Side 2
1. Ladies Man
2. Smoke On The Water
3. Summer Nights
4. Play That Funky Music
5. Blackbird
6. Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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