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  • Genre: Progressive
  • Label: Panegyric
  • Released Date: 25th June 2013
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DGM & Panegyric are proud to present the fourth in a series of King Crimson high quality vinyl reissues with the May release of ‘Red’. The album’s return to the 12” vinyl format is newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp. Manufactured on 200 gram super-heavyweight vinyl & housed in a reprint of the original sleeve, this edition also contains bonus MP3 codes giving access to a download of a transfer of an original 1974 pressing – in this case taken from Robert Fripp’s personal file copy of the album.

Demand for King Crimson vinyl is stronger than at any time since the mid-1970s. As one of the band’s most influential & best-selling albums this title has been one of the most requested titles for vinyl reissue.

By the time King Crimson entered the studio in July 74, the band had spent the best part of two years on the road, recorded two albums along the way (‘Larks’ Tongues In Aspic’ & ‘Starless & Bible Black’), & shed two band members en route; percussionist Jamie Muir having quit early 1973, and violin/mellotron player David Cross at the end of the US tour just a week prior to the recording of ‘Red’.

Crimson had built a reputation as one of the tightest, most powerful bands on the rock circuit. Recording as a trio in Olympic studios in London, with one improv piece drawn from that final US tour & with contributions from former members & friends on saxophones, violin, and oboe, the group produced the last Crimson studio album of the 70s & one of the decade’s masterpieces – ‘Red’.

‘Red’ emerged as a distillation of everything Crimson had been working towards live & in the studio between 72 and 74. In the near forty years since its release it has built an enviable, enduring reputation among fans & professional musicians alike – with bands from each succeeding decade citing it as an important influence. As with so many key recordings of the era it is only in more recent times that the album’s real significance has become apparent.

‘Red’ has become one of Crimson’s most successful albums. It also routinely emerges as the studio album most often cited as favourite for many long term fans of the band – no mean feat with such a rich & varied recording history to choose from. Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp’s 5.1 remix of the album in 2009 drew further acclaim – with the CD/DVD-A featuring the surround mix becoming a best seller.

As guitarist Steve Vai wrote in his online diary about the mid-1970s King Crimson (amidst a much longer piece eulogizing the band) “It’s impossible to quantify the effect that this band has had on contemporary musicians” – Steve Vai, July 2004

Band Line-up: Robert Fripp: Guitar and Mellotron, John Wetton: Bass and Voice, Bill Bruford: Percussives. With: David Cross, Mel Collins, Ian McDonald, Robin Miller, Mark Charig

Bonus Material: Unique codes for MP3 downloads of transfer of Robert Fripp’s original 1974 vinyl file copy pressing

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Track Listings

Side A)
1 Red
2 Fallen Angel
3 One More Red Nightmare

Side B)
1 Providence
2 Starless

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