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Psychodrama has been referred to as a “concept album”, and has a three-act structure; act one is defined as “environment”, act two “relationships”, and act three “social compass”.[9] The album addresses a number of issues, particularly focusing on Dave’s struggles with mental health, namely depression.[11] The first track begins with Dave talking to a therapist, a constant throughout the album. Other themes include Dave’s strained relationships, poor upbringing, his father’s absence and the impact it had on him, and issues such as domestic abuse and racial inequality.[6][10][8] Dave has said much of the inspiration for the album came from his older brother, Christopher, who is serving life in prison. The themes of psychotherapy came from the same type of therapy his brother receives in prison.[9]

The 11-minute song “Lesley” details the story of a woman going through an abusive relationship; Dave describes the song as “a story about someone suffering a complete loss of character by being with someone that isn’t good for them.

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Track Listings

1. "Psycho"
2. "Streatham"
3. "Black"
4. "Purple Heart"
5. "Location" (featuring Burna Boy)
6. "Disaster" (featuring J Hus)
7. "Screwface Capital"
8. "Environment"
9. "Lesley" (featuring Ruelle)
10. "Voices"
11. "Drama"

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