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Primitives, Sellers’ debut as Bayonne, is a rich, complex work, the kind with no clear rock parallel. In its winding, maze-like structures are hints of both Steve Reich and Owen Pallett, each instrument working a single melodic pattern over and over and over, as Sellers threads his soft, reedy voice between them. On songs like “Appeals,” the effect is hypnotic: notes from a piano crash down like spilled marbles from a bucket, as Sellers’ ringing-bell vocals swing back and forth between them. The end result is spellbinding music, meticulously-crafted songs where each tiny piece locks into another, and hundreds of them joined together create a breath-taking whole — like dots in a Seurat, or tiny bones in a dinosaur skeleton.

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Track Listings

1. Intro
2. Appeals
3. Spectrolite
4. Marim
5. Waves
6. Steps
7. Lates
8. Omar
9. Living Room
10. Hammond (bonus track)*
11. Sincere (bonus track)*

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