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PRANG is the debut album from Brighton trio , Gender Roles. Widely acknowledged as a musical petri dish thanks to its eclectic and encompassing culture, Brighton’s DIY scene has forged more than its fair share of feisty musical upstarts in recent years. Whether it be rising post-punk excellence of Squid or the indie force of Black Honey, there has been a generous drip-feed of high-calibre acts that have called the coastal city home. It is out of such a breeding ground ethos that Gender Roles have also recently emerged. Forming after a chance initial meeting at drummer Jordan Lilford’s Brighton Pride party in 2015, Gender Roles, also consisting of guitarist/vocalist Tom Bennett and bassist Jared Tomkins, found that Brighton’s DIY scene was the ideal hub to cut their teeth and encourage their growth as a band. The inspiration and ethos they could draw on in those early days has been integral to the act they’ve become. “Every band that ever did anything was DIY at some point”, the band explain. “When you start a project, you’re doing something for little or no gain for a long time, it’s hard work and you often question why you’re even doing it. Brighton, and its forward-thinking culture and abundance of creative individuals, acts as an incubator to allow artists to express themselves without judgement, learn and become better. There are people in Brighton who are doing amazing work in giving the opportunity for artists to express themselves and hone their craft. Call them ‘scenes’ or whatever you want, it’s these people who make Brighton one of the best places in the world to start out as a young artist”. While Brighton remains the band’s home, they’ve since embarked on tours taking them far from the DIY shows that characterised their early days.

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Track Listings

1. You Look Like Death
2. Always
3. Deep End
4. Hey with Two Whys
5. Ickie
6. Your War
7. Tip of My Tongue
8. School's Out
9. If That's How You Want It to Be
10. Bubble

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