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The Futureheads release their self produced new album Powers. The North East post-punk band returned to their roots on recent single Jekyll, a biting, angular slice of guitar pop. Part of a broader full band project, The Futureheads have now detailed their first full electronic album in a decade. Frontman Ross Millard commented: “Obviously it’s an absolute privilege to come back and still have fans and that’s something to cherish but I also think we’ve got a bit of a job to do about letting people know that there’s more to this band than you might have thought.

*Indies Magenta Vinyl

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Track Listings

1. Jekyll
2. Good Night Out
3. Animus
4. Across The Border
5. Electric Shock
6. Stranger In A New Town
7. Listen, Little Man!
8. Headcase
9. Idle Hands
10. Don't Look Now
11. 07:04
12. Mortals

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