Power On

Helen Love


Barcode: 3616408954295

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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Alcopop
  • Released Date: 13th November 2020
  • Buying Format:
    1LP Coloured Vinyl

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Cherry Cola Red LP The Leader of the Love returns with a barnstorming punk LP on Cherry Cola Red vinyl, cut with all the regular bubblegum, discoteque and glitter pop hits you’d expect – but this time with added POWER ON!

Arguably their best record yet, expect to see the Ramones-championed Swan- sea punk outfit top of the pop charts all summer long!

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Track Listings

  1. Hold Your Hand
  2. Debbie Take Control of the Stereo
  3. Jackie From The Estate
  4. Dead in my Head
  5. Top of the Pop Chart
  6. Sandra Dee
  7. Power On The Music
  8. No 1 Star
  9. Leader Of The Band
  10. Wear Your Hair Long
  11. On My Own
  12. Summer Pop

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