Point The Flashlight And Walk

Told Slant


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Told Slant is the solo recording project of Brooklyn songwriter Felix Walworth (they/them). Known for their bare, downtempo, guitar-driven arrangements and understated lyricism, Walworth is set to release their first album in four years, Point The Flashlight and Walk.

On Told Slant ‘’s third full-length and most complex work to date, Walworth uses Point The Flashlight and Walk to explore the limits of devotion. How deeply can one sublimate themselves through devotion to another? What is lost and gained when that devotion is ruptured?

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Track Listings

  1. Meet You in the City
  2. Bullfrog Choirs
  3. Flashlight On
  4. Run Around the School
  5. Whirlpool
  6. Family Still
  7. No Backpack
  8. Moon and Sea
  9. Fog on the Glass
  10. Anchor
  11. From the Roofbeams
  12. Walking With the Moon

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