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Drive-By Truckers


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On July 13 2006, the Drive-By Truckers set up shop at Plan 9 Records in Richmond, VA. It was the 25th Anniversary of the store. The band performed to a packed house and played a blistering set of fan-favourites featuring the songs, ‘18 wheels of Love’, ‘Let There Be Rock’, ‘Goddamn Lonely Love’ and ‘Daddy’s Cup’.

The performance was also set up to benefit the Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Family Memorial Endowment. The foundation provides, among other things, music scholarships in the Richmond area. Lead vocalist and songwriter Patterson Hood ended up writing the song ‘Two Daughters and A Beautiful Wife’ about Bryan Harvey and his family.

This triple LP set is available to independent retailers pressed on black 140g vinyl and packaged in a ‘bootleg’ style wide-spine plain white jacket with either a red, orange, blue or yellow flyer glued to the cover. These are numbered and they come with a reprint of the original ticket and show poster.

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Track Listings

  1. Tales Facing Up
  2. One Of These Days
  3. Easy on Yourself
  4. Feb. 14
  5. Aftermath USA
  6. Gravity's Gone
  7. Sink Hole
  8. Outfit
  9. My Sweet Annette
  10. Marry Me
  11. A World of Hurt
  12. Why Henry Drinks
  13. The Day John Henry Died
  14. Wednesday
  15. Shut Up And Get On The Plan
  16. Ronnie And Neil
  17. Moonlight Mile
  18. Let There Be Rock
  19. Zip City
  20. Goddamn Lonely Love
  21. 18 Wheels of Love
  22. Nine Bullets
  23. Daddy's Cup
  24. Decoration Day
  25. Lookout Mountain

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