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A brand new career spanning best ff collection featuring all the bands hits and best loved recordings across their impressive 50 year career.

Up to date to include some of the bands most recent work from the critically acclaimed Hippopotamus.

Past Tense includes a very rare early recording of Computer Girl (1967) and a previously unheard/unreleased original version of Piss Off (2004) which would latterly be recorded with Franz Ferdinand and appear on their 2015 collaboration record FFS. The collection also features Check Out Time 11am (2017)¸ previously only available on a limited 7” Black Friday release.

Curated, compiled and designed by Ron and Russell Mael.

3LP format including Islington N1 (2008) previously unreleased and only heard by golden ticket holders at the Sparks Spectacular show in Islington, London will be released 8 November 2019

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Track Listings

  1. Wonder Girl
  2. Girl from Germany
  3. This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us
  4. Amateur Hour
  5. Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
  6. Something for the Girl with Everything
  7. Get in the Swing
  8. Big Boy
  9. Forever Young
  10. The Number One Song in Heaven
  11. Tryouts for the Human Race
  12. When I'm with You
  13. Funny Face
  14. I Predict
  15. Cool Places (With Jane Wiedlin)
  16. With All My Might
  17. Change
  18. Music That You Can Dance to
  19. So Important
  20. When Do I Get to Sing "My Way" (2019 - Remaster)
  21. Pulling Rabbits out of a Hat
  22. The Calm Before the Storm
  23. The Rhythm Thief
  24. Dick Around
  25. Good Morning
  26. Johnny Delusional
  27. Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)

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