Pacific EP

Roo Panes


Barcode: 0827565062874

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  • Genre: Folk
  • Label: CRC Music
  • Released Date: 12th March 2021
  • Buying Format:
    12" EP/Mini Album


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“‘PACIFIC’ (EP) is Roo Panes’ latest release, following his critically acclaimed albums ‘Little Giant’ (2014), ‘Paperweights’ (2016) and ‘Quiet Man’ (2018).

While the track ‘Pacific’ offers that folk-tinged, guitar led and string embellished sound that Roo Panes fans know and love, ‘Colour In Your Heart’ offers an atmospheric production, minimal electronic beats and lack of guitar, suggesting a potential new musical direction for this new decade.
Elsewhere ‘Listen To The One Who Loves You’ gently swells from a delicate introduction into to an ear-filling delight filled with subtle horns, sweeping strings and gentle drum rhythms, and ‘The Sun Will Rise Over The Year’ builds from quiet beginnings to an explosive crescendo where galloping drums drive the track onwards and upwards. ”

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Track Listings

  1. Listen To The One Who Loves You
  2. Pacific
  3. Colour In Your Heart
  4. The Sun Will Rise Over The Year
  5. There’s A Place

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