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  • Genre: Electronica
  • Label: Just Music
  • Released Date: 26th August 2016
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    2LP Gatefold Sleeve

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Opalescent, the debut album from Mercury Music Prize and Ivor Novello award nominated artist Jon Hopkins has been
remastered and reissued for the first time on vinyl for its 15 year Anniversary in a special edition 2 LP gatefold with liner notes.

Opalescent was originally released in 2001 when Jon was 20 and just signed to ambient label Just Music, yet today it still sounds so distinctive, musically and emotionally complex.

It is in the contradictions between beauty and bass, gentleness and volume, ecstasy and elegy, that Opalescent derives its enduring otherness.

The release is to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of this now seminal album. It was an extraordinary debut from a then twenty one year old Hopkins, now a critically acclaimed recording artist, Ivor Novello nominated composer of film scores and prominent producer / collaborator with artists such as Coldplay, Brian Eno and Natasha Khan who has twice been nominated for the Mercury Prize, both for his album with King Creosote, ‘Diamond Mine’, and for his last solo album, ‘Immunity’.

Opalescent is an album that uniquely combines the light with the dark, the beautiful with the mysterious, in a glorious atmosphere where the the world of trip hop beats and chill out were made Jon’s own personal domain. Sometimes eerie, sometimes majestic, but always profoundly musical.

Press at the time:

“Opalescent is a beautifully realised debut…using synths, phased and echoed guitars and pianos and chilled bears, his wonderful tunes drift from calm to eerie power like a restless sea” – The Guardian

“The tracks are all blissfully ambient, with tranquil melodies and lazy beats, somehow Hopkins makes it sound classic not cliched “ – The Independent on Sunday

“A debut album that fits neatly alongside heavyweight peers like Jose Padilla and Global Communication. The opening track Elegiac is so atmospheric in its beauty that you could close your eyes and almost feel the waves of the sea as the sun sets before you “ – Q4Music

“Piano, guitar strings and slow beats blend like the clouds at sunset ( or an opiate smoothy) filtering in and out like elegantly wasted beauty” – DJ Magazine

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Track Listings

LP 1:
Private Universe
Lost In Thought
Fading Glow

LP 2:
Inner Peace
Cold Out There

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