One Step Behind

Garcia Peoples


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Welcome to the sound of Garcia Peoples at full speed. Without losing a ray of sunshine or a drop of dew, “One Step Behind” is the first major statement by the malleable Brooklyn sextet.

The 32-minute title cut highlights the twin guitars and songwriting of Tom Malach and Danny Arakaki and, instead of pointing itself towards one possible future for the band, just zaps itself square into the thick of it. Encompassing a range of moods and scenes in one flowing arc (plus a coda), it’s less a piece of music to listen to than it is a zone to occupy, a portal for all open-eared heads. The band’s third album in a year-and-a-half, “One Step Behind” is unquestionably their boldest yet.

Whether or not you thought you knew Garcia Peoples’ music, “One Step Behind” is something new and beautiful, for new heads and old. No matter where you stand–behind, beyond, or another plane altogether–”One Step Behind” is ready. For those about to get on the Bus, we salute you.

“One Step Behind is not so much an album, as it is a world, one that doesn’t reveal itself in haste but rather unfolds over time and through multitudinous layers” – Uncut

“There’s a lovely fluidity to the playing throughout, with a crunching slow motion riff our ultimate destination” – Prog Magazine

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One Step Behind
Heart And Soul

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