On My Own

Beady Belle

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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Jazzland
  • Released Date: 17th January 2017
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The artist, lead singer and song writer Beady Belle will released her first solo album in 2016. The Beady Belle band split up in 2015.

On this new album (as also on all the previous Beady Belle albums) she has written all the music and lyrics. The famous jazz pianist, Bugge Wesseltoft is the producer of this new album and he also plays all the keyboards (Grand piano and Fender Rhodes). Beady Belle followed her dream. The “On my own” album was recorded in New York City, with world class American jazz musicians; Gregory Hutchinson (drums), Reuben Rogers (bass) and Joshua Redman (saxophone). The atmosphere from the pulsating city was successfully captured into the intimate recording studio on Manhattan. All songs live recorded. The sound of the album gives associations to the 70s. Recorded at Eastside Sound Studio (established in 1972) – with acoustic drums, double bass, grand piano and Fender Rhodes. There’s a feeling of excellence. All the way from the sublime lyrics, the strong songs, the virtuoso musicians in the band and the featuring soloist to the intimately soft lead vocal. It’s playful yet under control. Smooth yet with friction that bites.The songs are: melodic, groovy, powerful and alive! Each song is a mixture treat of genres – jazz, pop, soul and R&B – simply Beady Belle.

Beady Belle (the band) is dead; long live Beady Belle (the solo artist).

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Track Listings

LP 1:
On My Own

LP 2:
Lost Face
Dear Hope
The Clouds
Traffic In Mumbai

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