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‘OK Computer’ is Radiohead’s third studio album, and is the follow up to their breakthrough second album ‘The Bends’. Combining elements of bombastic prog rock with alternating time signatures and traditional pop songwriting, the album is a marked departure from the sound of the band’s two previous efforts. Includes the singles ‘Paranoid Android’, ‘Karma Police’ and ‘No Surprises’.

“…unlike anything I’ve ever heard. …I definitley know it isn’t good for me, and I’m certain it says more about my life than I’d like. …in terms of composition and performance, it’s very impressive. Radiohead have excelled themselves. They’ve seen the future.” Melody Maker (6/14/97, p.49)

8 (out of 10) – “…Unlike their majestic models U2, Radiohead take on techno without switching instruments or employing trendy producers. …As with post-rockers Tortoise, Laika, and Seefeel, Radiohead have a fuzzbox or two and obviously know how to use ’em…” Spin (8/97, pp.112-113)

4 Stars (out of 5) – “…OK COMPUTER – a stunning art-rock tour de force – will have you reeling back to their debut, PABLO HONEY, for insight into the group’s dramatic evolution…” Rolling Stone (7/10-24/97, pp. 117-118)

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Track Listings

1. Airbag
2. Paranoid Android
3. Subterranean Homesick Alien
4. Exit Music (For A Film)
5. Let Down
6. Karma Police
7. Fitter Happier
8. Electioneering
9. Climbing Up The Walls
10. No Surprises
11. Lucky
12. Tourist

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