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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez


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Hyper-prolific recording artist Omar Rodriguez Lopez (The Mars Volta, At The Drive In) proudly presents his latest solo album Octopus Kool Aid. This album finds ORL and company concentrating once more on electronics as opposed to guitar-based composition, a tendency encountered on 2010’s tychozorente, not to mention The Mars Volta’s recent game changer, Noctourniquet. Teresa Suarez aka Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes features as lead vocalist on the album and will also perform as part of the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, which recently announced European and U.S. tour dates that will begin in late August 2012 and take them through the end of the year.

Rodriguez Lopez’s genre-defying sixteen-year career has resulted in more than 40 albums, a Grammy Award and being recognized as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. His seminal and critically acclaimed band, At the Drive-In, redefined popular rock music at the end of the last decade, reforming earlier this year and headlining Coachella, Lollapalooza, Reading, Leeds, and Fuji Rock to ecstatic audiences.

Since 2001, in addition to being both a solo artist and leader/composer/producer of the The Mars Volta, Rodriguez Lopez has collaborated with John Frusciante, Hans Zimmer, Erykah Badu, RZA, Damo Suzuki, Lydia Lunch and many others.

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Track Listings

Buenos Aires
Where Are the Angels?
Pink Heart
Celulas Hermosas
People Feeding
Un Café Atonal
18, Waves
Avion Apestoso
Worlds Get in the Way

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