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urrent Affairs are a post punk band from Glasgow, neatly navigating the line between new wave and goth. Formed in 2016 and Comprising Joan (ex-The Royal We / Seconds / Rose McDowall’s band), Seb (ex-Anxiety/Pissy), Josh (The Downs/Kaspar Hauser/ex-Rose McDowall’s band) and Andrew (Shopping / As Ondas). A cassette called Object was released along the way on Comodillo Tapes and in December 2018 the band’s first 7” Breeding Feeling -bw- Draw The Line was put out into the world by Not Unloved, followed in June 2019 by Buckle Up -bw- World’s In Crisis, out via Berlin’s Dot Dot Dot (…). Object & Subject is the accumulation of the band’s output over 3 years (excluding the Dot Dot Dot release), now gathered and synthesised into one convenient disc. “We never agonised over our sound or direction, but worked to our punk strengths and leaned into our pop tendencies collectively. On the cusp of releasing an album and re-imagining our live set up, it feels great to be putting out this overview of what we’ve made so far“.

“Glasgow’s Current Affairs have been brewing in the undergrowth for a while, growing snugly into one of the city’s most forceful, eldritch pop groups. Collectively they present a muscular unity, with a pounding post-punk rhythm section augmented by wild, affected guitar and the impressive, soulful-but-gothic vocal.” Monorail

“CURRENT AFFAIRS are a sassy, thumping, ’tune after tune’ post-punk party hit-machine. Their queer, goth punk is laden with addictive bass hooks, frantic guitar screeches, bullet punch drum hits, whirring keyboards and commanding calls. Sharing members with Anxiety, Rose McDowall and Shopping.” Upset the Rhythm

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Track Listings

  1. Eyes - 02.43
  2. Cheap Cuts - 03:21
  3. Crimes - 03:46
  4. Object - 04:29
  5. Breeding Feeling - 03:02
  6. Cheap Cuts (7" version) - 03:12
  7. Let Her - 02:47
  8. Breeding Feeling (7" version) - 02:48
  9. Draw the Line - 02:37

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