Nuits De La Fondation Vol 1

Sun Ra


Barcode: UV080LP

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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Universe
  • Released Date: 11th October 2011
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    180g 1LP

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Sun Ra has always been ahead of his times, but it is safe to say that by 1970, when this was recorded, the times had at least
closed the gap. So, this album definitely has that loose, late-60\’s, early 70\’s feel to it.
The opening tracks, Enlightment and Star Gazers are vocal duets between June Tyson and a male vocalist (perhaps John Gilmore). They are cute and somewhat catchy. Track 3 is a nice, free-jazz type of jam.
However, the highlight of this album, and what makes it really worth buying, is the final track, which is a 20-minute moog synth solo by Sun Ra. I swear you can hear the unviverse taking shape in it. Once again the Sun Ra doesn\’t fail to mesmerize.