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Novum is Procol Harum s thirteenth studio album, their first since The Well s On Fire in 2003, and is released in the band s fiftieth anniversary year. Kicking things off with the huge and ongoing success of their debut single A Whiter Shade Of Pale , Procol Harum went on to help define the progressive rock genre in the early seventies whilst at the same time embracing their roots in blues and soul. Novum sees a new lyrical direction for Procol Harum with the songs all featuring words by Pete Brown, most famous for his songwriting collaboration with the members of Cream. This has given a different feel to the songs, retaining the thought provoking content for which the band has always been known but with a different slant and elements of humour. As ever, the music and musicianship within the band is of the highest level and this long-awaited collection of brand new songs is sure to be devoured greedily by Procol Harum s devoted fanbase.

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Track Listings

1. I Told On You
2. Last Chance Motel
3. Image Of The Beast
4. Soldier
5. Don t Get Caught
6. Neighbour
7. Sunday Morning
8. Businessman
9. Can t Say That
10. The Only One
11. Somewhen

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