Notes From The Underground

High Contrast

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  • Genre: Electronica
  • Label: 3 Beat
  • Released Date: 4th December 2020
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‘Notes From The Underground’ is the ninth studio album by Grammy-nominee drum ‘n’ bass artist High Contrast. Includes ‘Going Up,’ ‘Snare The Blame,’ and ‘Time Is Hardcore feat. Kae Tempest & Anita Blay’.

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Track Listings

  1. A Few Notes On the Culture
  2. Windows 95
  3. Going Up
  4. Rhythm Is Changing (Feat. LOWES)
  5. Time Is Hardcore (Feat. Kae Tempest & Anita Blay)
  6. Met Her at a Dance in Leicester (Feat. UK Apache & Ady Suleiman)
  7. The Future Is a Mirror That Eats
  8. Disk 2
  9. Acadia (Feat. Bim)
  10. Hold On Me
  11. Snare the Blame
  12. More Brilliant Than the Sun
  13. Dolphin
  14. A Mind Forever Voyaging

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