Nonhosonno (Original Soundtrack)



Barcode: AMSLP33

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  • Genre: Progressive
  • Label: AMS
  • Released Date: 3rd March 2017
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    180g 1LP

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After a lengthy silence, Goblin reunited in 2000, again for a soundtrack for their long-time friend Dario Argento. As a matter of fact, NonHoSonno (sleepless) will be the last record made by the original line-up, and for many fans this is one of their best works, if not THE best ever.
Of course the original sound of the band is filtered by a more modern production, and the band focuses on symphonic synths and rather heavy guitar work. Surprisingly enough this soundtrack works great even as a stand-alone record. Songs are catchy and there are no weak moments, that are pretty normal for traditional soundtracks. An amazing and outstanding comeback!
Still this is the Goblin we love: heavy, doomy, creepy and dark! Please note that Nonhosonno has never been reissued on vinyl ever and in order to celebrate the very first LP of Nonhosonno, buyers will get brand new fantastic artwork by the famous Advent production studios, a thick and glossy Nonhosonno 90 x 60 cm megaposter, with movie artwork, reviews, discographies and much more!!!
100 red copies, 100 blue copies, 100 crystal copies, 100 yellow wax copies and 100 white wax copies!

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