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Non Canon 2 was self produced by Barry Dolan, recorded in studios in Bristol (Bink Bonk), London (OneCat), and Portsmouth (Old Blacksmiths Studios), along with home studios in Bristol and Stockholm, with it all being expertly stitched together and mixed by Neil Elliott at Old Blacksmiths Studios.

Mastering was completed by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, NY, USA. It features a host of guest musicians including Neil Elliott and Ben Whyntie from Barry’s heavy rock/metal outfit Oxygen Thief; Pete Fraser (touring member of Field Music/vocalist of super-noisy-math-metal trio Down I Go); Gareth Amwel Jones (My First Tooth/Lucky Shivers); drums Jon Clayton (Hurtling, Chris T-T & The Hoodrats); cellos Hannah Johns (The Leylines); violin/viola Ryan Brooks (Left Side Brain/Super Goliath) andpiano Alex Ball (composer and popular You- Tuber) The album deals with themes of mental-health issues when the world is going insane around you; about continuing to grow up, improve, learn, and evolve as a person, working out how you fit into a world that keeps shifting, and what (if anything) you can do to help when things go wrong. And as with the first album, song titles are cleverly taken from non-canonical works of fiction, ranging from James Bond, to Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Bible, and Indiana Jones.

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Track Listings

Never Say Never Again
The Cavalier Years
Dark Force Rising
The Sayings Of The Seers
Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
Self Untitled
A Teapot And An Open Mind
And Another Thing...

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