Night Church

Ghosts Of Our Former Selves


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Night Church is the second album from London-based band Ghosts Of Our Former Selves. On the new record you can hear the band’s love of soul and funk but also their fascination with synth sounds and classic songwriting. While Marvin and Stevie might be a thread you can pick up, there are shades of Daft Punk, The Police and even Elton John. There is emotion in this record. The four years between first and second albums is bookended by the loss of fathers and the birth of children. In the middle a lot else has happened. While making this album, Theo and producer/band member Fred Ala became obsessed with the classic songs of the 70’s and early 80s and that influenced the way they recorded many of the songs. Mixing the album proved the trickiest part. Singer and lyricist, Theo Brehony, describes the life events behind the songs: “This is like a picture of all the things that have happened since our last release. It started out as an album about the break of a relationship but turned into arecord about redemption, love, starting again, having children, fathers.”

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