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Big Scary Monsters are thrilled to announce the release of Talons’ latest album, New Topographics.

The album takes its name from the photography exhibition “New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape”, that took place in January 1975; created almost as a reaction to more idealised landscape photography, the exhibition featured images reflecting the uniform and banal, casting a sharp critical eye on modern suburbia. The music Talons have created for their latest offering is very much inspired by these notions and serves to act as a soundtrack to the imposing conformity of life in 21st century cities.

Reflecting a change in mood and tempo from previous material, the band have incorporated a stronger neo-classical influence, as well as employing a much more rhythmic and expansive sound, heightening their emphasis on the dynamic range of the music, with a particular focus on the use of repetition and atmospherics.

The album was recorded in July of last year with long time collaborator Tom Woodhead (iForward Russia!) at Greenmount Studies, Leeds; a facility situated within an old church, which in turn provided the optimum atmosphere for the commanding orchestral sound of their latest work.

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Track Listings

1: Monuments
2: Reverie
3: Lunar Gloss
4: The Wild Places
5: Rituals
6: The Dreams Have No Dream
7: Stay Cold
8: Petrovice

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