Nameless Path

Marcus Foster

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The 13 tracks on Nameless Path sound as though they’ve been discovered from a golden age of music. Marcus is keen to distance himself from the greats, but the spirit of prime Van Morrison is very much self-evident. It’s a raw, soul-soaked, bluesy rock’n’roll record, rich with languor and melancholic life. Not bad for a 24 year old. Nameless Path’ was recorded at the beginning of 2011 at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth under the expert supervision of Communion’s Ian Grimble in the producer’s chair. Surrounded by his band and friends, Communion head honcho and Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett.

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Track Listings

01 Old Birch Tree 03:02
02 Shadows Of The City 04:03
03 Faint Stir Of Madness 03:13
04 You My Love 03:37
05 The Room 04:36
06 I Was Broken 03:59
01 I Don't Need To Lose You To Know 03:56
02 Rushes & Reeds 02:56
03 I Belong Here 04:38
04 I Don't Mind 04:32
05 Movement 04:52
06 Memory Of Your Arms / The Harbour 09:15

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