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What\’s in a name? A little over a year ago this question was asked of Oakland’s Mwahaha in regard to both their name, and their self-titled independent debut. The answer? A flurry of accolades, a performance at Warp Records\’ SXSW showcase, shout outs from NPR & Spin Magazine amongst others, and a tour of the South and the Midwest including 2012\’s Treefort Festival.

All of the attention drew the eye of Plug Research, who subsequently signed the band. Now ‘Mwahaha’ will be re-issued by the label world-wide and will appear for the first tine – at last – on vinyl , complete with new tracks not found on the original release, creating an expanded edition. The band consists of Ross Peacock (formerly of Clipd Beaks) and brothers Nathan and Cyrus Tilton (all three were previously in the Bay Area cult band NED).

Throbbing ebb and flow, electronic undercurrents and elated pop flourishes characterize the album. Instruments are filtered through an array of analogue synths, analogue drum machines exist in harmony with live drums, and other morphing walls of sound and spiraling sonic landscapes, Peacock\’s lyrics and often times haunting vocals distinctly ground the album. The band tracked most of the album at their own studio with Eil Crews (Deerhoof, tUnE-yArDs, WHY?, Exray\’s), who also mixed the album.

Inspiration was drawn from the tangible energy of the Oakland music scene which continues to burst with new bands and collaborations. Mwahaha took full advantage of this, enlisting friends from other bands to lend drum parts, as well as the singular voice of Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs on one of the album\’s stand-outs ‘Love’. Anticon\’s Odd Nosdam also provided a notable remix upon the album\’s original release as well.

The members of Mwahaha have been writing and performing together for close to 10 years in various bands. Mwahaha is a giant leap forward, achieving greater rewards while still pursuing sonic exploration.

\”A cleverly plotted head trip disguised as a ramshackle mess, the debut full-length from this psychedelic Oakland quartet turns brain-scrambling confusion into a fine art.\” – SPIN

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Track Listings

A1. Swimmer
A2. Rainbow Diamond
A3. Poinsettia

B1. Love (ft Merril Garbus of Tune-Yards)
B2. Lime Tree
B3. We Build

C1. Rivers And Their Teeth
C2. Sleep Deep

D1. Bathynomus Gigantes
D2. AMBA (Bonus Track)

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