Murdering Oscar (and other love songs)

Patterson Hood

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Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs) is the second solo record from Patterson Hood, the leader of the Drive-By Truckers, and has been 15 years in the making. The album was produced by Hood and longtime DBT producer David Barbe (Sugar). Most of his DBT band mates join him on the album as well as Don Chambers, Will Johnson and Scott Danbom from Centro-matic/South San Gabriel. This is also the first time Hood\’s father David Hood, famed Muscle Shoals bass player, joins him on a record.

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Track Listings

1. Murdering Oscar
2. Pollyanna
3. Pride of the Yankees
4. I Understand Now
5. Screwtopia
6. The Playboy Mansion
7. Sam's in the Ground
8. Granddaddy
9. Belvedere
10. The Range War
11. She's A Little Randy
12. Foolish Young Bastard
13. Heavy and Hanging
14. Walking Around Sense
15. Back of a Bible
16. Uncle Phil and Aunt Phyllis in the Month After the Election

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