Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing

Sick Livers, The


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Recorded at Stompbox rehearsal room via guitarist VJ’s shed and frontman Ginge’s cellar in late 2013; This LP has been threatened for over a year and it has finally been delivered.Picking up on everything that was dangerous and exciting the band have gone to a classic of four tracks on each side of vinyl with plenty of punch, sing-a-long choruses and a mountain of energy.

Hailing from South Wales this five-piece are taking no prisoners with incendiary and memorable live performances. Managing to sell out local venue in under a week for the hotly anticipated album launch its been extremely well received by fans old and new whilst picking up rave reviews by the top online magazines From the raw power of ‘Cocaine Jeans’ to the unbridled (tongue in) cheek of ‘Bummed To Death’ every song is a catchy sing-a-long classic.With a tour on the horizon with their partners in crime The Hip Priests this is your chance to pick up a copy of the strictly limited pressings of ‘Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing’ before they’re a much sought after collectors piece. From the incredible rhythm section of Dai and Matty to the two guitar attack of DJ and VJ all perfectly led by the excellent frontman and force of nature that is Ginge – The Sick Livers are finally getting the critical recognition they so richly deserve.

“A damn fine platter of punk rawk ‘n’ roll with some of the most memorable choruses this side of AC/DC!” MASS MOVEMENT

“5/5 – a must have!” UNDERKILL TV

“Fast paced guitar, growling bass and guttural vocals – a relentless album!” BUZZ MAGAZINE

“Sleazy punk rock ‘n’ roll at it’s best!” RUN THE TRACK MAG

“A balls out rock ‘n’ roll album. Buy it!” DIVERSE MUSIC

“Cops and blood and sirens and screaming. That is what this record sounds like. On purpose.” CLASSIC ROCK

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Track Listings

Gimme The Drugs
Get Ready
Sick Liver
Blood On Your Halo
Cocaine Jeans
Seven Year Itch
Hell Bent On You
Bummed To Death

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