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‘Morning In America’ consists of seven songs that were recorded during the sessions for Mudhoney’s 2018 album ‘Digital Garbage’ (“…an astute, politically relevant and commendably fired-up garage punk belter of an LP,” – The Quietus).

The tracks include ‘Let’s Kill Yourself Live Again’ (an alternate version of the ‘Digital Garbage’ stand-out ‘Kill Yourself Live’ and the bonus track for the Japanese CD version of that album), ‘One Bad Actor’ (a new version of Mudhoney’s track on the limited edition and now very sold-out SPF30 split 7” single with Hot Snakes), album outtakes ‘Snake Oil Charmer’, ‘Morning In America’ and ‘Creeps Are Everywhere’, plus ‘Ensam I Natt’ (‘So Lonely Tonight’, a Leather Nun cover) and ‘Vortex Of Lies’ from a very limited EU tour 7”. The songs were mixed at Johnny Sangster’s studio Crackle & Pop!.

Available to independent retailers on Loser Edition silver coloured vinyl.

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Track Listings

Vortex Of Lies
Creeps Are Everywhere
Ensam I Natt
Morning In America
Let’s Kill Yourself Live Again
Snake Oil Charmer
One Bad Actor

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