Missing You (Noodles & Wonder Remix)

Soul II Soul


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  • Genre: Soul / Funk
  • Label: Funki Dred
  • Released Date: 26th February 2021
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    12" Single
    12" Single Coloured Vinyl
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Before drum‘n’bass there was Jungle. Born on the progressive reggae sound systems of the early 1990s, jungle was the UK’s answer to dancehall and one of Soul II Soul’s enduring legacies – take what’s already there and adapt it to make it unique. Fittingly, next up on the Funki Dred label are two of 1995’s most elusive jungle mixes: the sought after version of ‘Missing You’, giving vocal outtakes a deserved new life; and Dillinger’s Genius mix of ‘Do You Love Enuff’. Both only previously available as limited-edition white labels, each has a strictly junglist foundation – edgy, headrush and dubwise haziness – overlaid with dreamy Funki Dred-style vocals, as Soul II Soul in the jungle gives a distinctive take on an under-appreciated black British style.

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Track Listings

  1. Missing You (Noodles & Wonder Remix)
  2. Do You Love Enuff (Genius Mix by Dillinger)

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