Missing Link

Nick Murphy


Barcode: 5414939958670

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  • Label: Future Classics
  • Released Date: 9th June 2017
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New York-based Australian producer and musician Nick Murphy presents ‘Missing Link’, a new collection of tracks that bridge the sonic shift between his old Chet Faker moniker and his given name Nick Murphy.

Murphy will also bring his dynamic live show to stages across the globe through the end of the year, announcing an extensive world tour that features two headline shows in the UK, including London’s Troxy and the Albert Hall in Manchester in December.

The EP is Murphy’s first release since announcing last Autumn that he’ll record and perform under his given name and step away from his Chet Faker moniker. “Chet Faker was me trying to prove something to myself,” says Murphy. “But my tastes are pretty dynamic and I realized I’ve spent time resisting that. Now I want to put everything in. It’s not conceptual anymore. It’s just me, and it made sense to show that in a name. It feels like a rediscovery… This huge wave came out and I broadened the framework. Instead of having to make finished tracks, I could just explore. That felt like the missing link between where I was and where I’m going now.”

180g vinyl includes digital download code.

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Track Listings

Your Time (prodced by KAYTRANADA)
I’m Ready
Forget About Me
Weak Education

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